Seriously, WordPress? You have to politicize your navigation bar?

WordPress Nav Bar Rainbowed

I logged in to WordPress to write a post about how the left constantly assaults the political right, despite the left’s relentless claims to victim status, when I was greeted with the rainbow banner of gay pride — or as I might more colorfully call it, the sodomy sanctification standard. The banner filled most of the navigation bar as of Sunday, June 28, 2015 around 8:00 p.m.

I don’t know what WordPress is trying to accomplish by doing this. I don’t know if the company has ever used its clout as the number-one blogging platform to push or celebrate a cause. I suppose we’re all supposed to think WordPress is a nice company in favor of human rights and equality, and we are to react accordingly with our wallets, patronizing the forward-thinking organization by paying for upgrades and advertising its services gratis through word-of-mouth product advocacy.

We’re probably also supposed to think WordPress is brave, taking a stand for what’s right in the face of such vicious opposition as some obscure pastor pledging to self-immolate if universal gay marriage is ever codified by the Supreme Court.

Most likely WordPress just wants your sweet, sweet leftist dollars.

Well I’ve got news for you, WordPress users. There is no assault on gays. Gays are not some downtrodden rabble, clamoring for fallen scraps from the king’s table. In fact, gays make up only two percent of the population, yet you’d think the whole world was champing at the bit to come out of the oppressive closet, judging by all the gay-pandering in advertising, the mainstream media, and the mob culture we call leftism.

I stumbled upon the Minneapolis gay pride parade this morning. You’d think we had just won World War Three. I have never in my life seen any parade so well attended, whether it be Independence Day, the summer Aquatennial, the winter Holidazzle, or just rush hour on Nicollet Mall. Here’s a photo I took of the beginning of the parade:

Minneapolis gay pride parade 1

At least the American and Minnesota flags were held slightly higher, in descending order, than the physical embodiment of the sodomy appreciation movement having co-opted the entire color spectrum for its own propaganda campaign.

Next came the nice ladies on motorcycles — dozens of them revving their engines to the screaming delight of the crowd. The nice ladies smiled and waved, as one is wont to do when in a parade, and the thousands of complete strangers flanking the street poured out their undying appreciation of people smooshing their vaginas together in a loving, nurturing relationship. Isn’t it a warm and life-affirming feeling just knowing that thousands of ladies are now, at this very moment, smooshing their vaginas together in a loving, nurturing relationship, all around the world?

ladies revving motocycles

Here are the biker lesbians riding towards the Basilica of St. Mary, the first and oldest basilica in the United States.

lady bikers riding toward the church

Incidentally, the Basilica of St. Mary is my home parish. I’m a brand-new Catholic, a new Christian, even, having been baptized, for my first and only time, at the Basilica in April of this year, 2015, at the Easter Vigil. I attend Mass regularly. I have even done some acolyte work, carrying candles and splashing holy water on the congregation on Pentacost. Now, the Catholic church, as everyone knows, is the single most oppressive institution in the world today. Never mind that the Basilica claims dozens of gay people as active and fully accepted parishioners. Never mind that Pope Francis, when demanded his opinion on gay people, famously replied, “Who am I to judge?” Never mind that the Catholic church of the 21st century preaches love and acceptance of all people, regardless of sin — for we are all sinners — and that it has long taught that the individual conscience reigns supreme in conjunction with a prayerful relationship with the Ultimate. The Catholic church is bad and mean and nasty and it is the enemy and all churches must burn.

Here’s something you don’t see Catholics doing to gays:

gays spit on priest

Now let me be clear: I thoroughly enjoyed running into the gay pride parade. I love the rainbows. Colors are pretty. I don’t know how or why gay people managed to reinterpret the rainbow — which, it is topical to note, the book of Genesis mythologizes as God’s sign of assurance that he will never again destroy the planet like some benign Dr. Evil from Austin Powers — to mean “it is right and just to poke an organ of procreation into the universally acknowledged orifice of organic refuse.”

Also, most people seemed genuinely happy. Well I was happy too. It was a happy sight. Everyone was just so thrilled about the fact that homosexuality exists, and that the highest secular priests of the nation have codified sexual incongruity into the nation’s marriage statutes. Who doesn’t love a parade? I’m glad the thunderstorms held off until early evening, when the booze-soaked afternoon festivities had wound down to but a cleanup job for taxpayer-salaried city drones.

I understand that there must have been a great sense of relief. After all these years, the gay false equivalency movement had finally struck legal pay dirt. Anyone can now marry a same-sex partner. Well good for them. If that makes them happy, awesome. I understand there are some tax benefits and bureaucratic red tape about hospital visits and such that gays will no longer have to worry about. Fantastic. Look, I’m waving a rainbow flag! Don’t fire me!

But do you think the pride parades will stop, now that they have equality in the eyes of the law? No, of course not. Gay is a multi-billion dollar business. Everyone’s on board with the gay pride parade: Target Corp., General Mills, all the big companies in Minnesota and around the country. Stockholders know what’s good for them. The gay pride parades will continue as long as there’s a tit to milk dollars from. The reasons given for the continued annual spectacle will of course be along the lines of, “But there are some people whose natural biological makeup makes them retch at the thought of men shoving their penises into each other’s anuses, so that means they hate us and America is evil and straight men are evil and straight women are acceptable unless they’re conservative in which case they’re retarded, pardon my French.”

Or: “I applied to be someone’s roommate and they rejected me because they said they don’t feel comfortable sharing a residence with a gay person and I sued but I lost so now we’re going to collectively send a message to all the judges that they’d better force people to let me live with them even though I don’t really want to and am just destroying somebody’s life to make a point because I’m bored and the only identity I can imagine myself inhabiting is Eternal Victim.”

Or: “My employer fired me for tardiness but it made me cry and I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m gay because now I can claim discrimination and the President will back me.”

And so on and so forth. It’s a racket. There is no full-frontal assault on gays. The situation is precisely the opposite. We are now in the early stages of a culturally Marxist revolution that categorizes all the demographics into one of two categories: victim and oppressor. The gay pride movement is fueled by the selfish intentions of millions of people who don’t want to look like a bigot in the eyes of their peers, even though many of those millions, deep down, are viscerally grossed out, offended, even, by the thought of other people engaging in sodomy.

Leftists like to think of themselves as unconcerned with the lives of others. A popular argument in favor of gay marriage is, “It doesn’t affect your marriage, so what do you care?” Meanwhile those same leftists will dogpile you lickity split with slander and threats if you dare utter a non-doctrinal thought outside of the leftist mainstream, which is really the metastasized radical leftism of days of yore.

The gay emperor has no clothes, and few people have the courage to openly point it out, even as he twerks his way down a downtown thoroughfare in full regalia in one of the nicest, most accepting places on earth, Minneapolis, or when he emblazons his royal seal upon the navigation bar of a blogging platform that reaches millions of leftists and conservatives every single day.

Conservatives, not leftists, are under attack. That’s what I came here to say in the first place. Maybe I should thank WordPress for epitomizing the false underdog support charade I’ve hereby laid bare.

I Am Rachel Dolezal

I’ve been called black a few times by black people, and I have to tell you, it felt great. I can understand why Dolezal would want to “identify” as black. Now we have some leftist black people “welcoming” Dolezal to blackness, which again must feel really good. I bet she feels affirmed. I bet she even feels forgiven — forgiven for the sins of some white people against some black people in the past. That’s how I felt, on some cavernous level of my guilt-besotted psyche, when a black person has called me black from time to time.

Don’t believe I was called black? Why, because I’m an articulate geek? You racist! Kidding. A fair question: Why was I called black by some black people? Short answer: because I have on occasion embodied certain attributes typically attributed to black people. I was a rapper, for starters. Oh yes, I was a rapper. I was good at it. I can still do it, but I don’t do it often these days. So there’s that.

But there’s more to stereotypical blackness. There’s the straightforward way of talking. There’s the not giving a damn what people think if you have an opinion that goes against the Zeitgeist. There’s the speaking out loud from the heart. That’s all commonly attributed to blackness. I had those things. Still do, but even more so now.

There’s the walking with some swagger. There’s the extra helping of masculinity that stereotypically goes with being black and male. I have a little of that extra helping of macho, but not quite as much as your stereotypical black man.

I supported Trayvon. I spoke out against racism against blacks. I did my good little leftist part of guilt-tripping anyone who dared question the prevailing narrative about race relations.

And this is where I probably won’t be considered to be an honorary black person anymore. I no longer have leftist opinions, which is points against me. I could still be called stereotypically black insofar as I am becoming more and more honest the older I get, but my street cred is fast waning.

I’m a Segway tour guide, for crying out loud. That’s about the stereotypically whitest thing I could do. (I have black coworkers, but they’re subject to the same laws of cultural stereotypes I am — they’re not as stereotypically black as they could be, strictly due to working at a Segway tour company.)

There are such things as cultural attributes. You see more prevalence of this or that trait in one culture than you do in another. That is true. But here are some “black” things things that can and should defy color barriers:

Not giving a damn
Standing up for what you believe in
Being cool
Speaking from the heart

There are probably others, but you get my drift.

I’ve also been accused of “trying” to be black. That accusation was, at the time, completely true. I was working in the sales department at a newspaper on the East Coast, and I was the only white man in the whole place. Dozens and dozens of black people and one older white lady — those were my coworkers. I tried to blend in by taking on the speech patterns of black people, even more than I already had begun to do so since pop culture had been working on me for years. One man said to me once, “You’re just trying to act black.” I was thoroughly embarrassed, because it was true.

And then there was the time I got tipsy in downtown Minneapolis and was invited on to a black party bus. I didn’t know anyone there, but had randomly befriended some black guy on the streets. We just were talking chummily around bar close, and he jokingly called me “FBI”. That was my nickname, apparently. Well I got on the bus, and within five minutes I was asked for $15 admission, and when I pulled out my wallet, someone knocked it out of my hand, and someone else grabbed it, and it was passed to the back of the bus. The leader of the party bus, a woman, managed to get my wallet back for me after I pleaded with her to help me. Nothing was missing from the wallet. Then she kicked me off the bus by literally shoving me out. She apologized for the wallet trouble and for kicking me off. So my little color barrier crossing wasn’t a complete wash that night.

Race politics sucks. I hate it. I hate the way it makes leftist whites such as my former self feel as though they have to compensate for a sin they never themselves committed. I hate the way it makes some black people suspicious of all white people. I hate the way it divides the nation and the world. I hate the way the leftists use race as a cynical ploy for votes. I hate the way the leftists haven’t helped black people one bit, but have only harmed them, by enslaving them through the satanic device of temptation. I hate the way leftists look down on blacks and condescend to them by expecting less out of them and making excuses when a black person messes up. That is so completely disrespectful to black people as human beings that it’s a wonder more people don’t see right through it.

But leftists themselves don’t disgust me. They are a mirror of my former self. I was just confused. I didn’t know how to interact with the world. I was afraid of my own impulses, because I had been trained to believe I was a racist deep down, even though I have never harmed one single black person in my entire life, and that’s saying a lot, because I know a lot of black people, and I have indeed harmed some white people.

I understand Dolezal’s psychosis. I used to have it myself, to a much lesser extent. Many people have it.

So what now? How is a white person supposed to act? How about just act like someone who wants to excel in life? How about act like you care what another individual is saying to you and going through, right in front of your face?

The stereotypically blackest trait of all is honesty. If that trait really is a cultural thing — and I believe it is, to some extent — then let the leftists among us honor black people by emulating them, by being honest with them, with each other, and with ourselves. Dolezal was not honest. What she did was an affront to humanity.

Be you. Do your best. Learn from other cultures, as I have sometimes done, and try to emulate the best character traits of all worlds. That’s my advice.

(And most important, be a conservative. We love minorities more. Sorry, low blow. But seriously. No, I’m kidding. Not really.)

Mad Max: Fury Road: Allegory for the Totalitarian Welfare State

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last night. I enjoyed it. There was definitely a feminist agenda to it, I’ve decided upon some reflection: no evil women, and only two decent and capable men. The women were either beautiful damsels or hardcore warriors, and even the damsels proved preternaturally proficient in combat when push came to shove. And Max’s sidekick Furiosa got way more screen time, and was way more interesting, than the titular character. The tired old trope of “evil man wants to cut his baby from the helpless mother’s womb” was trotted out. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Others have stated this better.

Luckily there was enough action to distract me from this inevitable influence of feminism on the movie. All movies are feminist these days, it would seem. Every single action movie makes a point of basically saying, “See? Women are badass, you misogynist pig! All women can kick anyone’s ass! Physically! Without exception!” I don’t watch many movies for this reason. But when I do watch movies, at least I’m realistic enough to not be surprised by all the propaganda. I prefer to sit back and decide to enjoy a movie, to whatever extent my stomach can handle the political correctness. If you’re going to spend two hours on your ass, you might as well look for the positive aspects.

One positive aspect I noticed was that part of the movie could actually be interpreted as being anti-statist. The king of the citadel (that Hannibal Lecter-and-Predator-had-a-love-child-looking dude) had control over all the water. When he wanted to dispense his largess upon the miserable and deformed masses he lorded over, he would let out some of the water from these huge pipes. It would rain down from the pipes, and the people would collect a few measly drops in their baskets and pans. Then he would shut off the water. In this way, he showed them who was their daddy, and that’s how he maintained power.

Just like the welfare state. The government gives you enough stuff to keep you loving the government, but not enough to make you independent of the government. Once you’re in its grips, you’re in its grips. I’ve navigated the welfare state myself. The alleged help they dole out is nothing short of freedom-eliminating. The state gets you by, but just barely. And the sacrifices it demands of you in order to remain worthy of its largesse precludes you from pursuing economic freedom through private pursuits. I forfeited all my benefits early on when I realized it was just holding me back. I’d rather die trying to go it alone than die of spiritual bankruptcy under the thumb of the faceless king we call the government.

Just like Mad Max. He went it alone. Of course, he was just a secondary character in the movie that is allegedly about him, but at least the script revealed that much: Max likes to go it alone. In the end, he hooks up with the badass women and throws a revolution, because women are always and without exception wonderful creatures who are correct in every dispute and righteous even when justifying violent means to an end, and women are always and without exception just so inspiring that even a loner of ambiguous morality can become a virtuous and supportive asset of the female clan mother cabal.

I’m not saying the filmmakers were intentionally trying to comment on the welfare state. The withholding of wealth as a means to power is probably a common trope in movies, and could apply to any totalitarian state, including the socialist welfare state. But the similarity to the welfare state is present nonetheless in Fury Road.

Political readings aside, the action was really good and really over-the-top, and the physics felt legit. There were a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, and a lot of satisfying kills without torturing me too much. (I don’t like prolonged violence. Perfect example: the slow-knife-in-heart scene in Saving Private Ryan. Can’t watch it. Can’t even think about it. Shudder. Moving on.)

I won’t ruin it with any more semi-spoilers. Go see it for funsies. Expect feminism. See if you can spot other allegorical elements I may have missed.

U.K. Leftists Should Abolish Secret Balloting to Expose Infidel Conservatives

The rightist Conservative party has won a “shocking” victory over the leftist Labor party in the U.K. — shocking because, much to the befuddlement of clueless leftists around the world, right wingers no longer speak their views openly. Why? Because anytime a conservative tries to speak his views, he is shouted down by the zombie mass and labeled as racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophic, or some other epithet. Being a conservative (i.e., a racist, sexist, etc.) is worse than being a murderer, in the hearts of mainstream leftists everywhere. No, seriously. Try calling someone a racist or a sexist sometime. Watch how he reacts. Then try calling someone else a murderer. I promise you the first person will react much more defensively than the second person. What’s more, the people around the person labeled a racist or sexist are more likely to instantly look upon him with suspicion and ostracize him at the mere suggestion that he might be one of these vile thought criminals. The person doesn’t have to actually be a racist or a sexist, he just needs to be accused of it, no evidence necessary.

Leftist propaganda machine Al Jazeera called the Conservative landslide a sure sign that the U.K. is now a “failed state“. I know, right? The U.K. may have major problems, and it may very well one day be a failed state, but it’s not because of conservatives. It’s because the leftist ideology has so infected the nation with a de facto moratorium on free speech that few people are courageous enough (or masochistic enough) to try and open up an honest debate about immigration. You can get fired by your employer, arrested by the police, or murdered by one of the growing number of psychopaths currently being pushed beyond the limits by all of this anti-free-speech.

So while these “closet conservatives” hide their true thoughts about the way the West is sticking their head in the sand like ostriches while the lions of unchecked immigration and growing socialism threaten the long-term existence of Western civilization, these conservatives still vote their true intentions. Thank God for inventing the private polling booth, am I right? Maybe leftists should just get rid of private balloting so they can hunt down these thought criminal conservatives and cow them into silence for good.

Side note: All links in this post came from a Facebook post by a leftist friend “warning” of the danger of an analogously surprising election result happening in the United States in 2016. An astute observation, no? Bring on the shock, my fellow American conservatives.

…Then Conservative Republicans Are Brainwashing You

Here’s a great commentator. Alfonzo Rachel. Zo, for short. Not only is he brilliant at weaving together different elements of conservative thought into a coherent rhetorical stream, but he’s also black and also cool — which, let’s be honest, is a valuable bonus, because the only way white liberals will listen to conservatives is if they’re not white. (As a recovering leftist, I can attest to that fact [see Thomas Sowell, et al.])

In the video below, Zo rants about a young former Obama supporter turning to the right side of politics. Here’s a choice excerpt:

And then we have this young man CJ. This dude is begging to get beat up. But he takes a stand. And that’s another reason why this kid rocks. I see Common saying how he’s being brainwashed. Yet these same people can’t see the brainwashing campaign of lib-dems who have been influencing people through the education system, TV, music, movies, fashion, et cetera.

But here’s an example of what lib-dems think brainwashing is. If you haven’t allowed us to convince you that walking into Planned Parenthood and killing off your kid is okay, then conservative Republicans are brainwashing you. If you haven’t allowed us to control your mind to accept that it is okay for the government to institute the theft and covetousness of taxing your income, then conservative Republicans are brainwashing you. If you haven’t allowed us to convince you that man is going to cause the earth to heat up and flood over, therefore you should be forced into a state-sponsored religion of environmentalism, then conservative Republicans are brainwashing you. If you haven’t allowed us to convince you that we should allow illegal immigrants to come in and get driver’s licenses, educate them on your dime, get health care — which is supposed to be better in the country that they came from because they have universal health care (so much for that) — and come in and step into jobs in front of immigrants who are trying to get in the right way (yeah, that’s fair), especially getting in the way of Americans getting the jobs, that if you don’t listen to us, then conservative Republicans are brainwashing you. If you haven’t allowed us to socially engineer you to believe that you’re entitled to your interests at the forced expense of others, then conservative Republicans are brainwashing you.

— Zo Rachel, of ZoNation and PJ Media

I Was a Professional Left Wing Phone Canvasser (Telefundraiser)

Let no leftist ever complain of my having become a conservative in my thirties. I’ve done more for the leftist cause than 99% of these armchair thought police.

To cite just one of my many egregious accomplishments, I was a professional left wing phone canvasser. I raised thousands upon thousands of dollars to support all manner of leftist mischief. I even helped bring about socialized medicine.

I sat in a small carrel with a phone and a stack of contacts and dialed until I got a human.


“Hi! This is Slick Leftist Phone Canvasser with Socialist Leftist Bleeding Heart Lobby. Is this Bob?”

The company I worked for raised funds for many leftist organizations around the United States: the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, Oregon Action, Citizen Action of New York, even the Democratic Socialists of America. For a fee, organizations like these could let us do the grueling work of fundraising for them, freeing them up to stage demonstrations, write propaganda, and sip lattes (I suppose.) In a way, my company was how these leftists kept their hands clean. Money, as we all know, is unclean. Directly acquiring it through work is for unclean people such as myself.


“Hi Bob. We’re just calling to update you on the fight for affordable health care, and to get your support. I can keep it to about sixty seconds.” Not true.

Silence. Let Bob talk first. Wait until it dawns on him that it’s his turn to say something. He who talks first, loses.

“Yes, hi, yes, okay.” Got him. Now set up the problem, create the damsel in distress, and identify the villain.

“As you know, prescription drug prices are skyrocketing. Seniors are being forced to make a choice between buying groceries and taking the medications they need to live. Meanwhile, the drug companies have been making record profits. Pretty crazy, right.” Down tones. Always end sentences on down tones, never up tones, even when asking a question. You get agreement more often with down tones. Science.

“Yeah, that’s pretty crazy.” Now send in the hero, stage left.

“Right. We’ve been working hard to fix that problem. We’re pushing for a prescription drug bill in Congress that would allow seniors to buy medications through Medicare. It creates a buying pool for Medicare to negotiate wholesale prices with the drug companies on behalf of seniors. Makes sense, right.”

“Yep.” That’s four yeses so far. The more you get them to say yes to innocuous questions, the more likely they’ll give an automatic yes when you pop the real question.

“Yep, pretty simple. We’re up against some well funded opposition in Washington, namely the drug company lobbyists, so we need everyone in the fight for affordable health care. Can we count on you.”


“Great! Folks are doing a dollar a day for affordable health care. Can you do that.” Let him try and work out what that means. The pressure should be on him, not me. Always control the conversation. Never let them take away your dominance.

“So that’s…how much is that?” He doesn’t know if I’m asking for a one-time donation, a month’s worth, or what. He’s off balance. That’s where I want him.

“Three-sixty-five, split up into two equal payments, one-eighty-two-fifty now, and one in a month.”

“Oh, no. I can’t do that. Sorry.”

Don’t skip a beat. He’s scared. Fight-or-flight has kicked in. That’s good. He’s feeling inadequate. Also good. Comfort him. But just enough.

“That’s okay! Not everyone can do the whole three-sixty-five. What matters is we have you on board. The fat cats at the drug companies don’t know how much you give; all they know is we’re going to win. To do that, a lot of folks are just doing the one-eighty. Again I can split that up into two payments. Does that work for you.”

I don’t know how much money Bob has. I don’t know if he’s a doctor or a dishwasher, but everything I’m saying and doing is assuming he’s a doctor. That’s where you want to be, no matter how much money they have. If you take their last $180, so be it. It’s their choice, even if I am the slickest fundraiser in the West. I once took an old lady’s last five dollars. Anything to make quota. It hurt my heart.

“Okay, I can do that.”

“Great. We take Visa, Master, American Express, but not Discover.” Put lots of emphasis on those last syllables. It makes them wonder if there’s some back story there, like maybe Discover is one of the more Evil corporations. Plus, it diverts their attention away from the dollar amount they just agreed to. Just get the credit card numbers and move on.

“One last thing, Bob. We’re asking everyone to write their Senators and Congresspersons. We’re sending a clear message to Congress that we’re tired of overpaying for prescription drugs and we want this bill to pass. Seniors are counting on us. Can you do that?” Don’t forget about the damsels.

“Absolutely.” Not that I give a darn. The “action step” is just for the appearance of legitimacy, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not that I didn’t believe in the cause, it’s just that I didn’t think letter writing had any real effect. I was just after the lobbying money. Money talks.

And that was it. That’s how a typical call would go. We got our call lists from field canvassers who had been out a few days, weeks, or months earlier, knocking on doors and gathering names, addresses, and phone numbers. The people we called had had face-to-face contact with someone from whatever organization we were calling for at the time, so it wasn’t exactly cold calling, but it often felt that way. Some people screamed at me, obviously not having been made sufficiently aware that we would be pestering them again and again over time for more and more money. Most were just not home when I dialed. I managed to contact a couple of dozen people a night, out of hundreds of dials. Of those, maybe six to ten would donate something. It felt like selling air in a bottle.

The money was primarily for lobbying the United States Congress. I took my barely-above-minimum-wage hourly cut. And my company took its percentage. As for the client organizations, who knows how they used their money. We were part of a leftist fundraising and activism network called Progressive Action Network, which is an affiliate of USAction. Member organizations included the National Abortion Rights League, Clean Water Action…just anything that championed the causes of the left.

I usually hit my quota of $270 a night. Sometimes I got a “hot night”, $365. I couldn’t pay rent on the wage I was getting from all that work (it was hard on my psyche, as being a leftist involves superhuman mental contortionism), but I believed in the cause.

You’re welcome, socialists.