Seriously, WordPress? You have to politicize your navigation bar?

WordPress Nav Bar Rainbowed

I logged in to WordPress to write a post about how the left constantly assaults the political right, despite the left’s relentless claims to victim status, when I was greeted with the rainbow banner of gay pride — or as I might more colorfully call it, the sodomy sanctification standard. The banner filled most of the navigation bar as of Sunday, June 28, 2015 around 8:00 p.m.

I don’t know what WordPress is trying to accomplish by doing this. I don’t know if the company has ever used its clout as the number-one blogging platform to push or celebrate a cause. I suppose we’re all supposed to think WordPress is a nice company in favor of human rights and equality, and we are to react accordingly with our wallets, patronizing the forward-thinking organization by paying for upgrades and advertising its services gratis through word-of-mouth product advocacy.

We’re probably also supposed to think WordPress is brave, taking a stand for what’s right in the face of such vicious opposition as some obscure pastor pledging to self-immolate if universal gay marriage is ever codified by the Supreme Court.

Most likely WordPress just wants your sweet, sweet leftist dollars.

Well I’ve got news for you, WordPress users. There is no assault on gays. Gays are not some downtrodden rabble, clamoring for fallen scraps from the king’s table. In fact, gays make up only two percent of the population, yet you’d think the whole world was champing at the bit to come out of the oppressive closet, judging by all the gay-pandering in advertising, the mainstream media, and the mob culture we call leftism.

I stumbled upon the Minneapolis gay pride parade this morning. You’d think we had just won World War Three. I have never in my life seen any parade so well attended, whether it be Independence Day, the summer Aquatennial, the winter Holidazzle, or just rush hour on Nicollet Mall. Here’s a photo I took of the beginning of the parade:

Minneapolis gay pride parade 1

At least the American and Minnesota flags were held slightly higher, in descending order, than the physical embodiment of the sodomy appreciation movement having co-opted the entire color spectrum for its own propaganda campaign.

Next came the nice ladies on motorcycles — dozens of them revving their engines to the screaming delight of the crowd. The nice ladies smiled and waved, as one is wont to do when in a parade, and the thousands of complete strangers flanking the street poured out their undying appreciation of people smooshing their vaginas together in a loving, nurturing relationship. Isn’t it a warm and life-affirming feeling just knowing that thousands of ladies are now, at this very moment, smooshing their vaginas together in a loving, nurturing relationship, all around the world?

ladies revving motocycles

Here are the biker lesbians riding towards the Basilica of St. Mary, the first and oldest basilica in the United States.

lady bikers riding toward the church

Incidentally, the Basilica of St. Mary is my home parish. I’m a brand-new Catholic, a new Christian, even, having been baptized, for my first and only time, at the Basilica in April of this year, 2015, at the Easter Vigil. I attend Mass regularly. I have even done some acolyte work, carrying candles and splashing holy water on the congregation on Pentacost. Now, the Catholic church, as everyone knows, is the single most oppressive institution in the world today. Never mind that the Basilica claims dozens of gay people as active and fully accepted parishioners. Never mind that Pope Francis, when demanded his opinion on gay people, famously replied, “Who am I to judge?” Never mind that the Catholic church of the 21st century preaches love and acceptance of all people, regardless of sin — for we are all sinners — and that it has long taught that the individual conscience reigns supreme in conjunction with a prayerful relationship with the Ultimate. The Catholic church is bad and mean and nasty and it is the enemy and all churches must burn.

Here’s something you don’t see Catholics doing to gays:

gays spit on priest

Now let me be clear: I thoroughly enjoyed running into the gay pride parade. I love the rainbows. Colors are pretty. I don’t know how or why gay people managed to reinterpret the rainbow — which, it is topical to note, the book of Genesis mythologizes as God’s sign of assurance that he will never again destroy the planet like some benign Dr. Evil from Austin Powers — to mean “it is right and just to poke an organ of procreation into the universally acknowledged orifice of organic refuse.”

Also, most people seemed genuinely happy. Well I was happy too. It was a happy sight. Everyone was just so thrilled about the fact that homosexuality exists, and that the highest secular priests of the nation have codified sexual incongruity into the nation’s marriage statutes. Who doesn’t love a parade? I’m glad the thunderstorms held off until early evening, when the booze-soaked afternoon festivities had wound down to but a cleanup job for taxpayer-salaried city drones.

I understand that there must have been a great sense of relief. After all these years, the gay false equivalency movement had finally struck legal pay dirt. Anyone can now marry a same-sex partner. Well good for them. If that makes them happy, awesome. I understand there are some tax benefits and bureaucratic red tape about hospital visits and such that gays will no longer have to worry about. Fantastic. Look, I’m waving a rainbow flag! Don’t fire me!

But do you think the pride parades will stop, now that they have equality in the eyes of the law? No, of course not. Gay is a multi-billion dollar business. Everyone’s on board with the gay pride parade: Target Corp., General Mills, all the big companies in Minnesota and around the country. Stockholders know what’s good for them. The gay pride parades will continue as long as there’s a tit to milk dollars from. The reasons given for the continued annual spectacle will of course be along the lines of, “But there are some people whose natural biological makeup makes them retch at the thought of men shoving their penises into each other’s anuses, so that means they hate us and America is evil and straight men are evil and straight women are acceptable unless they’re conservative in which case they’re retarded, pardon my French.”

Or: “I applied to be someone’s roommate and they rejected me because they said they don’t feel comfortable sharing a residence with a gay person and I sued but I lost so now we’re going to collectively send a message to all the judges that they’d better force people to let me live with them even though I don’t really want to and am just destroying somebody’s life to make a point because I’m bored and the only identity I can imagine myself inhabiting is Eternal Victim.”

Or: “My employer fired me for tardiness but it made me cry and I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m gay because now I can claim discrimination and the President will back me.”

And so on and so forth. It’s a racket. There is no full-frontal assault on gays. The situation is precisely the opposite. We are now in the early stages of a culturally Marxist revolution that categorizes all the demographics into one of two categories: victim and oppressor. The gay pride movement is fueled by the selfish intentions of millions of people who don’t want to look like a bigot in the eyes of their peers, even though many of those millions, deep down, are viscerally grossed out, offended, even, by the thought of other people engaging in sodomy.

Leftists like to think of themselves as unconcerned with the lives of others. A popular argument in favor of gay marriage is, “It doesn’t affect your marriage, so what do you care?” Meanwhile those same leftists will dogpile you lickity split with slander and threats if you dare utter a non-doctrinal thought outside of the leftist mainstream, which is really the metastasized radical leftism of days of yore.

The gay emperor has no clothes, and few people have the courage to openly point it out, even as he twerks his way down a downtown thoroughfare in full regalia in one of the nicest, most accepting places on earth, Minneapolis, or when he emblazons his royal seal upon the navigation bar of a blogging platform that reaches millions of leftists and conservatives every single day.

Conservatives, not leftists, are under attack. That’s what I came here to say in the first place. Maybe I should thank WordPress for epitomizing the false underdog support charade I’ve hereby laid bare.