U.K. Leftists Should Abolish Secret Balloting to Expose Infidel Conservatives

The rightist Conservative party has won a “shocking” victory over the leftist Labor party in the U.K. — shocking because, much to the befuddlement of clueless leftists around the world, right wingers no longer speak their views openly. Why? Because anytime a conservative tries to speak his views, he is shouted down by the zombie mass and labeled as racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophic, or some other epithet. Being a conservative (i.e., a racist, sexist, etc.) is worse than being a murderer, in the hearts of mainstream leftists everywhere. No, seriously. Try calling someone a racist or a sexist sometime. Watch how he reacts. Then try calling someone else a murderer. I promise you the first person will react much more defensively than the second person. What’s more, the people around the person labeled a racist or sexist are more likely to instantly look upon him with suspicion and ostracize him at the mere suggestion that he might be one of these vile thought criminals. The person doesn’t have to actually be a racist or a sexist, he just needs to be accused of it, no evidence necessary.

Leftist propaganda machine Al Jazeera called the Conservative landslide a sure sign that the U.K. is now a “failed state“. I know, right? The U.K. may have major problems, and it may very well one day be a failed state, but it’s not because of conservatives. It’s because the leftist ideology has so infected the nation with a de facto moratorium on free speech that few people are courageous enough (or masochistic enough) to try and open up an honest debate about immigration. You can get fired by your employer, arrested by the police, or murdered by one of the growing number of psychopaths currently being pushed beyond the limits by all of this anti-free-speech.

So while these “closet conservatives” hide their true thoughts about the way the West is sticking their head in the sand like ostriches while the lions of unchecked immigration and growing socialism threaten the long-term existence of Western civilization, these conservatives still vote their true intentions. Thank God for inventing the private polling booth, am I right? Maybe leftists should just get rid of private balloting so they can hunt down these thought criminal conservatives and cow them into silence for good.

Side note: All links in this post came from a Facebook post by a leftist friend “warning” of the danger of an analogously surprising election result happening in the United States in 2016. An astute observation, no? Bring on the shock, my fellow American conservatives.

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